The Tiny Tastes Team

Emily Garber, RD, CDE

Emily is a Pediatric Dietitian with experience providing family and childhood nutrition counseling. She has worked at Seattle Children's Hospital, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Duke University Hospital, and Children's Hospital LA.

Emily designed Taste With Tiny because regardless of how good her nutrition recommendations could be, or how much love & attention a caregiver puts into preparing healthy foods, it ultimately comes down to whether or not a child will actually eat that food. Her hope for your family is that Tiny helps make mealtimes more fun and healthy by eating with Tiny in the app!

Kate Garber

Kate is a graphic designer and innovative leader.

Her illustrations are both child-friendly and sophisticated, as her desire is to elevate the creativity and thought processes of children as they explore the storybook and other special features of Taste With Tiny.

She has created Tiny's World to be a fun, interactive, surprising, and beautiful place where children are encouraged to make themselves at home and enjoy the new things they will encounter there!