These are excerpts from messages that we've received so far from families who are using Taste With Tiny:

-- All of my kids hate tomatoes! I thought my two younger boys might try tomatoes with Tiny since they want to please, but I was sure that my 8 year old daughter would not try them. Much to my surprise, they ALL easily ate a slice of tomato with Tiny in the app! They love earning coins to shop in the stores for Tiny.  (Update we received later: They are all still eating tomatoes now, even without the app!)     
-- Our occupational therapist suggested that we try this app for my 5 year old son who has Sensory Processing Disorder. This contributes to difficulties with feeding and eating, he doesn't always realize that he should eat or drink at meals/snacks and has trouble sitting at the table throughout a whole meal. Tiny has really captured his attention though. He gladly sits in the lounge to read the story then at the table for meals now. We braved the shopping centre yesterday during lunch, and he surprised us all by sitting still and eating a whole sandwich without any coaxing and even without Tiny's help that time. Shopping centres are usually meltdown territory, so we are very proud of him for keeping it together! Ever since we started using Taste With Tiny we are having amazing success at mealtimes now!  
-- My preschool aged son doesn't like avocados, but he ate them along with Tiny! The next day I served him avocados again without the app. He began to fuss. All I needed to say was, "remember, you ate them with Tiny yesterday." A minute later I turned around and the avocados were gone.
-- My children love to see Tiny actually eating their food. This is genius! It really helps them to eat what I am serving them!
-- We've known Tiny for a week now. Today I saw my twelve year old daughter go get our iPad to help her little sister finish her breakfast with the Taste With Tiny app. The whole family has become a fan!
-- I just spent a few days watching my grandchildren who are picky eaters, so I wanted to try Taste With Tiny to see if it might help make meals easier... and they loved it! Tiny quickly became part of our visit - they would ask for her to join us at every meal and we all had fun with it. It made mealtimes smoother as the children happily ate their food well with Tiny. I found other creative ways to use the app while they were here too, it was so helpful and they have kept on talking about it at home! 
-- We had fun with our new friend Tiny tonight... my daughter tried capers because of the app and then she drank her whole water bottle which I can't ever convince her to do... and my son even ate more dinner on his own! Can't wait to see how it helps over the week! 
-- My 2 year old daughter only wants to have French fries when we go out to eat, there aren't many protein foods she will reliably eat at restaurants. This time, we took Tiny along and "got a sandwich for Tiny" in addition to the usual fries. As she saw Tiny eating the sandwich, she joined along with her and ate the whole sandwich - we were amazed!!