Good nutrition is fundamental to supporting children's growth and health. 


At the same time, many children need extra encouragement to try new foods or drinks that are healthful for them.


Tiny can help make the feeding process more enjoyable by modeling adventuresome eating! Families can find comfort through experiencing new foods along with Tiny's playful and positive approach.

As a healthcare professional, you may see patients with some of the following health conditions which can be associated with feeding difficulties:

- Sensory disorders
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Oral aversions
- Dysphagia
- Decreased appetite with cancer treatment
- Failure to thrive
- Developmental delays
- History of tube-feeding reliance
- Lingering fear from prior GI distress or food allergies (severe reflux, EoE, or otherwise)
- Physical difficulty with self-feeding, receiving OT
- Behavioral or developmental psychology concerns
- Other nutritional or feeding issues
See how the Taste With Tiny app can be used to enhance patient follow-through on your specific nutrition and/or feeding therapy recommendations:



You can also learn more in the "Tiny Tastes" app review by the Journal of Infant, Child & Adolescent Nutrition {written about our beta app release of that name}

* And if you would like to receive a packet with little Taste With Tiny info cards that you can pass along to your patients, please feel free to use the Contact Us form to let us know! We would be happy to mail these out to your clinic or office at no cost to you, along with tasting stickers for your patients  :)